Messages for Download

Mike Noble“Becoming Perfect in the Eyes of God” 
Dave Walker“Keep the Fire Burning” 
Mike Noble“The Seven Seals Judgement Pt. 1” 
Mike Noble“The Power of Prophecy” 
Mike Noble“The Seal of Judgement Pt. 3” 
Dave Walker“Extravagant Love” 
Mike Noble“The Wisdom of Preparation” 
Dave Walker“Easter” 
Mike Noble“The Fear of God and the Fear of Man” 
Mike Noble“The Fury of a Husband’s Jealousy” 
Mike Noble“The Bridal Paradigm” 
 Mike Noble“Pure in Heart” 
Mike Noble“Jesus the Resurrection” 
Various Staff“Intro to CHOP” 
Dave Walker“Keep the Fire Burning” 
Kirk Bennet“10th Anniversary 8 Prophetic Points for C-HOP” 
Kirk Bennett“10th Anniversary Meditating on the Word”