Our Model

Our model of prayer and worship is patterned after the Tabernacle of David and the throne room scene in Revelation 4 & 5. Our aim is to blend worship and prayer together through music in an unceasing manner.

Tabernacle of David

  • When David became king, he placed the ark of the covenant in a tent that he prepared for it (1 Chronicles 16:1)
  • David placed musicians and singers before the ark to minister (worship and pray) to the Lord as regular every day’s work and it was 24/7, 365 (1 Chronicles 16:37, 1 Chronicles 9:33)
  • There were 288 singers (1 Chronicles 25:7) and 4,000 Levites who praised the Lord with musical instruments (1 Chronicles 23:5)
  • All of the Psalms either came out of the Tabernacle of David or would have been sung at the Tabernacle of David or in the temple which followed the pattern of the Tabernacle of David
  • Ultimately David patterned his tabernacle after the throne room

Throne Room Scene

  • There is non-stop worship of the Lord around His throne in heaven from the four living creatures and from the elders (Revelation 4:8-11)
  • The elders around the throne have harps and golden bowls of incense filled with the prayers of the saints (Revelation 5:8)
    • This signifies a musical blend of the worship and prayer around the throne to the Lord

Combining the Two Together

  • We blend non-stop worship and prayer together through music
  • We have devotional sets, where the leader sings songs of adoration to the Lord
  • When we pray, we combine song with the prayer patterned after Revelation 5

We have found that combining worship and prayer in this manner follows what seems to be the Biblical and heavenly pattern, while keeping things engaging and leaving room for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.