What to expect and how to engage

We are patterned after the Tabernacle of David and the throne room scene in Revelation 4 & 5 (for more on that visit Our Model page) so here is what you can expect and how you engage when you come.

What to expect

1. Music
There will always be music on in the prayer room. There will either be someone live in the room singing and ministering the Lord or there will be more meditative music on in the background, if there is no one live in the room.

2. Specific directive for time slot
If you look at our schedule, you will see that each hour has a focus. Slots that are labeled devotional are good for meditation, Bible reading, and personal prayer. Slots labeled intercession will be focused on praying as a group. Intercession slots with either have a specific topic or will be more free form and open to any type of prayer.

How to engage

There are a couple ways that you engage and participate when you come to the House of Prayer.
1. Have your own personal time with the Lord
We invite all to come to our prayer room and just spend time with the Lord. We always welcome you to come sit in the Lord’s presence, read the Bible, and have your own personal time. Devotional slots are best suited for this.

2. Participate in the set
If you come during an intercession slot, you are welcome to add your intercession to ours. If someone is leading a devotional set, you are welcome to sing along with what they are singing.

Above all, when you come to the House of Prayer, we want you to meet with the Lord. Therefore, whatever that looks like for you, we welcome that as long as it is not distracting to others.